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 The Villains' Hideout

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The Villains' Hideout Empty
PostSubject: The Villains' Hideout   The Villains' Hideout I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 21, 2014 10:08 pm

I guess I actually have to write this out, I'm the one who made it up. Here we go...

The Villain's Hideout

The Villains' Hideout, as everyone calls it, is located beneath a cliff. Think of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Airbender Temple or whatever it was where Aang and the gang took Zuko in and defeated SPARKYSPARKY BOOM-MAN!

The Villains' Hideout 76a605a0c81fde0a6bf7173bbf184776
Yeah. It's like that, only not so old and crumbly looking. It's metal and more... 21st century like.

Does this sound at all as detailed as Freedom HQ and The BBA's info? No? Thanks. I'll make a picture of it as soon as I can so you jerks(DON'T TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY! I ALWAYS SPEAK SCOURGE LANGUAGE ON THE FORUMS UNLESS I'M ROLEPLAYING.) will understand that I'm good at that, not writing. Writing was something you learned in school, which I didn't go to. Or at least stopped going to after dad left.

Rooms in the Hideout
There is a long hallway, and on each side, there are twenty doors, leading to forty rooms. Each room has two beds and two closets.So... if im doing the math right... we can fit around 80 people in that hallway. Oh, and we have two hallways just like it, so... 240 people. Excellent. The hallways lead to the middle room, which is basically a hang-out room, and, at times, a war-meeting room.

The end!
I told you it wasn't detailed.
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The Villains' Hideout
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